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Precision Resources, Inc. - sales and technical service for aluminum extrusions, impact extrusions and powder metal parts

About Precision Resources, Inc.

We view ourselves as an informed resource for access to alternative methods of manufacturing precision parts and assemblies. This is achieved by:

  • Building long-term teaming relationships with each client's Design, Manufacturing and Purchasing Engineers.

  • Mixing innovation and expertise residing within PRl's family of unique manufacturing companies with that of our clients.

  • Identifying alternative methods for the manufacture and assembly of parts, supported by cost and performance data, which meet or exceed client objective(s).

Precision Resources, Inc. (PRI) was founded in November 1987. From the outset, one of the primary objectives of PRI has been to represent technically oriented metal working companies offering alternative manufacturing processes for the exacting production of complex high volume parts. PRI is not a manufacturing company.

Our primary client service objective is to help in the discovery of the metal working process that best serves the client's part performance and cost criteria. Each metal working process has key attributes as follows:

Impact Extrusions - A Press/Die forming process that rapidly shapes volume controlled metal slugs into near or net geometry parts. Well suited for moderate and high volume production of "can-like"' parts.

Linear Extrusions - A Press/Die forming process that provides for the continuous cross-sectional linear shaping of a metal billet as it is control pushed through a Die Plate. The cross-sectional geometry /size and run-out length are influenced by Die Design and Press capacity considerations.

Powder Metal (P/M) - Alloy Powders are compacted in a Die; the resultant shape is then sintered in a controlled atmosphere furnace to bond the particles metallurgically. P/M is an economic method of making parts net to shape eliminating secondary machining in most cases and capable of holding tight tolerances at very high to moderate volumes.

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