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Precision Resources, Inc. - sales and technical service for aluminum extrusions, impact extrusions and powder metal parts

Perry Tool and Research Inc. manufactures small precision parts for wide ranging high volume applications

Perry Tool and Research Inc. specializes in the use of Powder Metallurgy. The P/M process is a cost effective alternative to Die Casting, Investment Casting, Fine Blanking and Screw Machining. P/M has demonstrated the ability to eliminate or minimize machining while maintaining close tolerances, superior surface finish and excellent part-to-part reproducibility. Sintered P/M parts can be simple or intricate in design and heat treated to increase strength and wear resistance. The P/M process is not shape sensitive and normally does not require draft. Often two parts can be combined as one integral component thereby contributing to savings in unit cost and final assembly cost.

Typical P/M parts:

Gears Pulleys Mechanical Parts Bearings Soft Magnetics
Gears Pulleys Mechanical Parts Bearings Soft Magnetics

End Product Applications Include:

Auto Parts
Electromagnetic Equipment
Magnetic Latches
Fractional HP Gear Motors
Medical Equipment
Reduction Gears
Timing Devices

Industries Served:

Business Machines
Small and Major Appliances
Agricultural / Garden Equipment
Electrical / Electronic Equipment
Hand and Power Tools

Materials Used:

Invar 36
Alloy 42
Low Expansion Alloys
Glass and Ceramic Sealing Alloys
Stainless Steels
Copper Steel
Nickel Steel
Iron Carbon Steel
Low Alloy Steel
Diffusion Alloyed
Sinter Hardened Steel
Brass and Bronze
Soft Magnetic Alloys
Phosphorous Iron
Pure Iron
50/50 Iron
Silicon Iron
High Purity Copper

Quality Assurance:

The Perry Tool and Research Quality Assurance System is designed to ensure your parts will be manufactured with zero defects.
Process - Process control is maintained by a statistically based pre-control system that detects any process deterioration before out of tolerance parts are produced.

Final Outgoing Inspection - The Perry Tool and Research statistical Quality Control System uses the following criteria prior to shipping your parts:

  1. +/- 3 Standard Deviations
  2. CPK 1.33 Minimum
  3. Z 4.00 Minimum

Calibration procedures, records, storage and handling are in accordance with MIL-STD-45622-A and/or ANSI/ASQC MI-1996 Calibration sytems requirements.

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